Shipping Alert!

Posted by Ultraviolet on 1/10/2017 to Lotion Sales
Shipping Alert!

Fresh Overstocks!

Posted by URI Sales on 4/8/2016 to Lotion Sales
Just added 10 new bottles with matching packets to our closeouts & overstock section!

Trouble Logging in?

Posted by URI Sales on 4/8/2016 to Ultraviolet News
We made some recent updates to the site.....

2016 Products

Posted by Sales on 11/5/2015 to Lotion Sales
New 2016 Products Arriving Daily!

ITA Show Columbus!

Posted by Ultraviolet on 9/21/2015 to Ultraviolet News

Come Join URI at the Biggest Tanning Show this Year!


Posted by Australian Gold on 6/26/2015 to Manufacturer News
Household Staple - Aloe Collection Newsletter

Vegas IBS, Cosmetics, Spa & Tanning Show Recap

Posted by Erin Hertel on 6/25/2015 to Ultraviolet News
URI girls take Vegas!
Erin & Heidi take Vegas 2k15


Posted by Australian Gold on 5/28/2015 to Manufacturer News

Equipment & Lamp Performance

Posted by John Hayes on 5/26/2015 to Lamps
Maintaining lamp performance is critical and challenging.

Sunless Base Colors

Posted by Erin Hertel on 5/18/2015 to Everything Sunless
What does a "base solution color" actually do?


Posted by Australian Gold on 4/22/2015 to Lotion Sales
Aloe Collection Newsletter

Protan, Fiesta & Playboy Update

Posted by Ultraviolet on 4/17/2015 to Manufacturer News
Why are all these products out of stock? A message from Sun Evolutions.