Acrylic Care
Now is normally a great time to start looking at those acrylics a bit closer and see if any need to be touched up or replaced.

An acrylic has 3 goals:
  1. Support the weight of the user
  2. Allow UV Light to pass through without blockage
  3. Keep the lamps safe from foreign objects or personal contact.
Your job as an acrylic owner is:

Keep the acrylic sanitized after every use by using an acrylic disinfectant(like Australian Gold Disinfectant or Lucasol Disinfectant)

If needed use an acrylic cleaner to remove tingle or lotion build up that the disinfectant does not remove (like Lucas Spray & Wipe Bed Cleaner or Novus Step 1)

Use an acrylic polish to remove fine scratches (like Novus Step 2) or to remove heavy scratches (like Novus Step 3)
Unfortunately, for all the care we can give…at some point you are going to need to replace the acrylic. It could be cracked or most likely clouding up and preventing UV light from going through properly. When that happens, it’s time to replace that acrylic!

There is a common process for ordering the CORRECT acrylic. It is as follows:

  1. Write down Make, Model, Year & # of Lamps in Tanning Bed
  2. Take the acrylic out of the tanning bed
  3. Measure the full length of the shield(do not round off)
  4. Measure the full width of the shield(do not round off)
  5. Write down any special features such as holes, tape, corner cuts)
  6. Call John Geyen at URI at 800-247-3251 and provide the information. He will quote a replacement acrylic and reconfirm the standard measurements for your tanning bed.

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