The one thing manufacture’s, distributor’s and salons have in common is that we are approaching the best time of the season as summer and fall are normally slower.

So why is it that many of us still hang onto our Losers through another busy season? By Loser, I mean those specific bottles of lotion that just SIT. They just don’t seem to move…you’ve had them all year and you haven’t had to reorder them even once. UGH!!!

January to June should be for winners only….NOW is the time…right NOW to get rid of those losers. It’s December, traffic is increasing, customers want to tan, holiday sales are happening, opportunity awaits…so let’s get those losers off the shelf and into the hands of someone who can use them.

First, remember a loser isn’t really a loser. It’s just a product that hasn’t found its place at your store yet…and perhaps never will or it would end up being too much work to do so. So, let’s change our attitude first. We aren’t selling a piece of **** to someone.  Note: If you have old products, that really should NOT be sold, then just throw them away.   We all sell professional indoor tanning products made by professional indoor tanning manufactures. Our customers are diverse and distributors have hundreds of products from which to choose from. You aren’t going to pick every one perfect…some products are great on the outside and okay on the inside…some products are great on the inside but the packaging isn’t awesome. Some products smell great others smell okay. So for whatever reason, this product hasn’t moved in your store. It just is what it is. Either way, this is still a professional indoor tanning product with value!

Second, ask your distributor how the product has been selling overall. Is it a top 50, top 100, top anything? Has your distributor rep tried it or even smelled/looked at it? What are their thoughts?  This is an important step…a distributor should have ample knowledge of the products they are selling. You may be surprised that the LOSER you have is a top 50 Product overall or you could find out this is one of those “Rarely Sold” products. Either way…it will give you a better feel for the product you have. The Point of this Step is to help you avoid making similar mistakes in the future…and let your distributor rep know that it’s not moving(so they don’t suggest similar products!)

Third, design a promotion that doesn’t diminish the value of the product. One of my personal favorites right now would be “Buy this Lotion and Tan for FREE until X(Entry Level Beds)”.  Of course, this works best if you’re trying to move out a product that has a high retail. If the product you’re trying to move has a low retail then try running “Buy this Lotion and get X Free Upgrades.”   Don’t like that? Then bundle the product with other big movers. You could do Buy this Bottle and get your favorite Moisturizer for FREE(Holiday Special!). Any of the deals mentioned will move more product then a simple 25% off sign. 

Fourth, offer an incentive to the sales staff to move the product. For every Loser bottle sold they get 1 entry into a drawing. You decide what the drawing is for. Example: Gift Card, Pizza, Paid Time off, Free Product, etc. One of the mistakes many of us make is we go through steps 1, 2, 3 and then pass the info to our employee’s and expect them to just automatically be motivated. Sure everyone will try to do what the boss wants them to do(or so we think)…but I’d rather have the motivated to do it.

Lastly, limit the focus. If you have 5 Losers, don’t put them all on special at the same time and expect miracles. Pick 1 or 2 and run something for 1-2 weeks and switch it up. Customers like variety, the longer an item stays on special the more likely a customer will think “That’s a real LOSER!” and we are back to square 1 again.

Once you get good at promoting your losers, your customers are going to love it. You will even get the customers who are “Bargain Hunters” and just can’t wait to see what the next LOSER available is going to be. Trust me…you’ll start moving enough where you think this LOSER might be a WINNER!

That’s when things get exciting and you start to BUY losers. Huh? Buy Losers? Hey, at the beginning didn’t I say now is the time to get rid of LOSERS Professional Indoor Tanning Products? Well, even distributors have their overstocks and slow movers. So if you’re a Bargain Hunter…give us a call.

Its December you know!