Is Red Light Eyewear Necessary?

When I first tried red light, I was shocked at how bright the light was and I found it very uncomfortable!  For hours afterwards, I saw green halos around things, which signaled that the rods and cones in my eyes were being damaged.  Many red light clients tell me they also see green halos, which cannot be good for vision. For my second session, I wore the provided goggles, and the whole world was neon blue, even with my eyes shut!  I tried other colors of goggles and disposables, and they made the red light even brighter!  

Red light is a very narrow band, about concentrated at about 688 nanometers.  Traditional tanning eyewear that is FDA compliant and Canadian health compliant, needs to block ultraviolet rays to 400 nm.  There are several types of eye protection made for red light, and these all block the 610-750 wavelength designated as red light. Try several red light eyewear types in your red light equipment.  Find what blocks the most light for your clients and offer that.  Red light session tend to have a substantial profit, so I recommend you include red light eye protection in your session. 

Eyewear is currently not required by law for red light sessions.  However, the legislators won’t be paying your lawsuits if someone hurts their vision in your bed.  I highly recommend you err on the side of caution. 

Let’s see what the policy is in some top salons: Jasa Wolfrey, owner of 2 Suns Salon and Wellness in Stafford, VA, offers red light eyewear for red light sessions in her health spa.   Jasa says, “We offer (and sell) the Wink-Ease Dark ® black eyewear for our red light sessions. The bright light mixed with our standup fan can also cause dry-eye and irritation. The very dark eyewear can help protect from those issues as well as protect the eye from intense light. Our first time clients get Wink-Ease Dark® for free their first session. For subsequent sessions, they can buy red light dark goggles, such as the ones made by Podz, or they can buy the dark disposables.”

Jasa is not alone in wanting to protect her clients’ vision.  Alica Valencikova, owner of the Glo Tanning Lounge in Brodheadsville, PA, shares, “I tell my clients that I ALWAYS recommend specialized red light eyewear for their vision safety. The lights are extremely bright and eye protection should be a must. I offer Wink-Ease Dark® disposables, as well as goggles. Safety first.” 

  “We make it mandatory to wear eyewear in our Beauty Angel, states Chantal Beare, owner of The Tanning Studio outside Toronto, British Columbia. We sell several types of eye protection for our red light unit. If you don’t have eyewear, you aren’t going to get a red light session here!”   

 The owner of Body Heat Tanning in Coral Springs, FL uses eyewear for herself.  Rhonda Massey Shaffer Culligan explained, “My eyes cannot take red light.  I wear my traditional goggles with disposables on top! I also recommend the same to my clients. I have not tried the dark eyewear that is specifically made for red light yet.”