The nice thing about our business is, when someone walks through the front door, they are there for a specific reason, to get a tan.  Now that they walked through the front door, let the selling begin.

We all know there are a multitude of products you can try and sell them, from facial and leg products, moisturizers, accessories, body washes and many other different items, but first and foremost on everyone’s mind is selling them a tanning lotion. In a perfect world, everyone would buy a tanning lotion or something else you offer every time they walk through the door.

We know that doesn’t happen every time and in some cases as often as you would like. You face objections every day and in almost every case, the objections are the same over and over again.

Our industry is no different than any other industry when it comes to facing objections and I am sure when you are out shopping, you use some of these same objections.  I have listed some industry specific and some general objections you face on a daily manner and some thoughts on how to overcome them.  Keep your responses simple and to the point.  The longer the explanation, you risk losing the consumer completely.

1.    I don’t use tanning lotion.
  • Lotion provides the needed nutrients and vitamins you skin needs
  • Lotion will help avoid the after tan smell
  • Lotion hydrates the skin making your tan look better and last longer
  • Some lotions have enhancing agents.  So even after you leave the bed, your tan will continue to develop.
2.    I can buy this online for much cheaper.
  • Well maybe, but do they pay shipping fees?
  • Do they know for certain what is in the bottle?  It’s a dangerous game of buying a bottle of lotion and putting it on their skin from some random source online.  There have been many examples of products being refilled with something different which are very dangerous for your skin and your health or selling expired products.  Buying from you guarantees the quality of the product
  • Buy local and support small businesses.  Sometimes the hard truth makes people understand that supporting their local small business is important to the community and allows people to continue to enjoy your tanning salon for a lower price.  If no one buys lotion in the salon, the prices would have to rise for tanning to help subsidize the lost income.
  • You offer a fair price with the service and support to go along with it
3.    It’s too expensive
  • Look for a couple comparable products in lower price points.   You should have a minimum of at least three price points.  Many people don’t want the most expensive, no matter how beneficial the product is, but no one wants to be too cheap either.  They will fall right in the middle.
  • Explain why each product is in each price point.  There needs to be true value and benefits for the consumer to purchase a higher priced product versus the low end products you may offer.
  • If you start high, they may buy high, but if not, always angle to get to your next price point.  NEVER start at your lowest price point, you can always go down to the next price point, but it is a difficult to go up to the next price point, especially if there is a big difference.
4.    My personal favorite “Just looking”
  • This is probably the most common objection in any retail business.  The consumer doesn’t even really hear you ask the question; they just react with the common, “just looking” response.  This is a great time to steer them in the right direction.  If they are “just looking”, this is a good time to get them focused on new products you are offering for the season.  Or, products that offer high value for a high profit..ie gift with purchase products, bag deals, special sales, etc.
  • Even the most subtle direction can get the consumer thinking of buying something they never thought of purchasing when they walked in the door.
5.    I need to think about it
  • Subtly, ask them if there is a certain concern that you can address for them.
  • Once established what their concern is, address it accordingly.
  • If they still say they need to think about it, if there is a sale or promotion ending remind them of the time frame and hopefully you can still get the sale at that time.

Be proactive when handling the sales objections

Working in a sales atmosphere, it is critical to understand and be prepared for the most common sales objections.  Knowing the key features and benefits of the products you sell are essential to the success of what you are selling, but equally important is getting down to the core of your customers objections.  Always try to ask open ended questions that can get to the bottom of your customers objections. 

With an understanding of your customer’s wants and needs, you should be fully prepared to handle any objections based on their budget, competitive pricing, the need, and/or the value of the product.

Remember, your goal is to convince the consumer that you have their best interest in mind and they need the product you are offering.  Retail sales are full of objections, but as with all objections, they can be overcome by listening attentively, asking the right questions, and building a sense of trust between you and the client.  Once you get them to trust you with your professional guidance and they realize you have their best interest in mind, they will become a loyal customer for life.

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