Good Afternoon!

In August 2014 Sun Evolutions acquired the Fiesta Sun, Pro Tan, Playboy, BWL, & Vineyard Grapes product lines which joined our existing line up of Supre Tan, Snooki, & Hempz.  Since that time, life here at Sun E has been crazy, challenging, and at times somewhat overwhelming!  Unfortunately these exciting changes have created one less than positive outcome: several ongoing back orders.  The majority of these have been occurring in the Pro Tan, Playboy, and Fiesta Sun lines as we incorporate those formulas into our manufacturing cycles.  We are working our hardest to get caught up on these and sincerely apologize for any frustration and inconvenience created by the lack of product availability.  I know I speak for the entire company when I say we appreciate and are so grateful for the support and loyalty our salon and distribution partners have given us during this transition period.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.


Maggie Curran

Director of Sales