Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

Are all items I purchase eligible for points?

No, if an item is included in our rewards program, it will be noted under the item description online

(ex: Reward Points .. points will be rewarded to you when you buy this item)

Is there a limit to how many points I can accumulate?

No, the more you purchase the more points you earn.

Do the points expire?

No, as of 12/14/22 points earned should no longer expire!

If I place an order over the phone with my rep, does that count towards my points earned?

NO. All points are calculated online only. Any orders placed outside of the online site do not qualify.

Can I use my points towards anything I want?

Eligible products will show a point price under the product price. You can click redeem this product for points to add it to your cart using points.

Points are not redeemable towards shipping charges.  Redemption values for products may vary.

Can I use my points towards a lamp purchase?

Yes, you will be given the choice of a URI Gift Certificate in the redemption center that can be used towards lamps only.

Can I redeem my points directly with my sales rep?

No. Redemption must be done on the online site only.

How do I know how many points I have earned?

Rewards information can be viewed under your account information or by clicking here.

Rewards Terms & Conditions

You are responsible for how points are used, including if you allow authorized users to access your account.

Once points have been used, the transaction is considered final and may not be canceled unless otherwise noted.

Applicable sales/use taxes, fees, surcharges, and shipping and handling charges are your responsibility.

Points have no cash value and can’t be transferred or moved.

Program may end at any time without notice

Program rules and terms are subject to change

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