Test Your “EYE-Q” – Intermediate Version
Q: If I’m wearing eye protection during my tanning session and open my eyes, am I risking eye damage?

A: If you wear FDA-compliant eyewear that fits properly, your eyes are completely protected from UV light. Feel free to open your eyes to check the time, adjust the fans and change channels on the sound system. As long as your eyewear fits properly, you are protecting your vision. Your eyelids block less than 25% of damaging rays, so keeping them closed when you AREN’T wearing eyewear is NOT protection!

Q: I cover my face during sunbed sessions. Do I need to wear eye protection?

A: The fabric of a towel or T-shirt offers an SPF of 5 or 6. It’s not blocking the UV light and it is NOT
protecting your eyes. If you don’t want to expose your face to UV rays, you need to use an SPF25 lotion and wear
FDA-compliant eyewear. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if water can go through it, so can UV light. Cotton balls, towels and T-shirts are not adequate protection. They may keep you from getting a tan, but they don’t protect your face or eyes from potentially damaging UV overexposure. You may want to try face-protection products instead of applying SPF lotion, but it’s best to wear eye protection with a face-cover.

Q: Should I wear eyewear during a spray-booth session?

A: The Food and Drug Administration strongly recommends that salon tanners wear eye protection during
spray-booth and airbrush sessions. It’s not a law, just a recommendation. Try the clear disposables made just for this purpose – they allow the tanner to see their surroundings during the session.

Disposables have no strings to leave lines on the side of the face and are discarded after use. It’s best to include a pair of the clear eyewear with the price of the spray-tan session, along with the other accessories commonly provided (hair covers, foot protection, barrier cream, nose plugs). I suggest you encourage your salon guests who get spray-tans to wear the clear eyewear, and return the next day for a facial touch-up if they have tan-line issues in the eye area.